These Are The Moments I Live For


If you asked me if I'm an adrenaline junkie, my response would be a hard no. That's until today when I booked a spontaneous trip and realized bungee jumping or driving really fast aren't the only adrenaline inducing activities. For me, there's nothing like the rush of going on an adventure with people I love. These are the moments I live for. This is how the next 24 hours progressed...

Sunday 2:00pm: Viv and I are hanging out in my apartment when she casually mentions she's going to NYC tomorrow morning to visit Arzu. A lightbulb goes off in my head. I turn to her and say "what if I came too and surprised her?" 15 minutes later I'm buying an Amtrak ticket for the next morning.

Sunday 8:00pm: Pack the bare necessities in a backpack

Monday 10:20am: Leave my apartment to catch our 11:00am train

Monday 2:30pm: We've arrived


The queens of straight faces, folks. Our first stop was obviously for food. We went to Jack's Wife Freda in Soho --  a true NYC staple (I recommend the breakfast bowl). Fun Fact: While waiting for our table, we saw Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner having lunch as well. Don't worry, we didn't bother them; Joe enjoyed his espresso in peace.

We spent the rest of the day roaming Manhattan and Brooklyn without a distinct plan. The most peaceful way to spend a day in the city in my opinion. By sunset, we found ourselves in Williamsburg with an incredible view.


As if surprising Arzu wasn't enough, I then surprised my family by going home for a night. Well, aside from my mom who was in on it all. You know when commercials do things like "gum: $2, not smelling like your lunch: priceless"? That's obviously a trivial example, but seriously the look on everyones faces when they saw me was truly priceless. As was spending time with some of my favorite people.

That's why I spend 95% of my money on travel rather than material things. I've talked about this a bit before in terms of studying abroad, but it holds true in my everyday life as well. When I FaceTimed my mom to tell her I'd be coming home, I remember thinking damn this makes me so much happier than an article of clothing, for example, ever would. I won't act like I don't also enjoy material things, but if I only have enough room in my budget for one or the other, I opt for travel.


I got on the train back to Boston with a full heart.

With love,