Self-Love & Confidence

I was genuinely shocked when I recently scrolled through my published content and noticed I had never done a post about self-love. It's so crazy to me because it's a topic I'm extremely passionate about. I guess I didn't want to be redundant since it's also a topic that has (thankfully) been popular in the past few years. But I realized just because it's gotten more attention, doesn't mean I shouldn't contribute to the positive force.

Like so many teens growing up, I went through a period where I was very "meh" about myself. I thought certain aspects of myself were fine at best, and I knew what other people thought my best traits were, but I was never really satisfied. And I know I wasn't the only one.

It took me quite some time to get to a point where I'm confident in everything that makes me, me. That's not to say I don't have insecurities; I do, but they don't bother me like they used to and I love myself even with my flaws.

It's completely and utterly a process with growing pains that are unfortunately not limited to the teenage years. So if you're not completely there yet, here are some things to keep in mind:

Love yourself NOW. 

Not when you lose 10 pounds. Not when you get a promotion. Accept, and love your current self.

You are the source of your own happiness. 

You're unhappy? Do something about it. Don't wait around for someone or something else to make you happy.

We all have imperfections. 

Don't put off loving yourself because you're not perfect. Because guess what? No one is and that's totally okay. It's the imperfections that make people and life interesting.

The only kind of sustainable confidence comes from within 

What you think and how you feel about yourself outside of everyone else's opinions. TRUE confidence will never be found through a significant other, the number of Instagram likes you get, or compliments you receive. I say true confidence, because of course having kind, supportive people in your life helps immensely, but if you don't really believe the great things they say about you, you'll still be lost internally. When you are confident, you can do anything.

The scale doesn't determine your self worth. 

I've heard girls dying to lose weight and guys desperately wanting to bulk up, or vice versa. It's just a number, and it ultimately means nothing. Do you base your opinion of your friends off of their weight? Hell no. Look after yourself instead of obsessing over a number, and remember who you are is what matters most. It makes self love that much easier to achieve.

If you guys would be interested in me talking more in depth about a specific aspect of self love or confidence, please let me know.

You are amazing, and you are more than good enough.

With love,