Real Thoughts Of A Second Semester Senior


January 21, 2017

"I've been feeling so incredibly uninspired the past few days and I hate it. I've come to realize that I'm in need of a change of scenery. Don't get me wrong, Boston has served me well over the past four years, and I can't imagine having gone to school somewhere else, but I'm ready for the next step. Last semester I couldn't fathom graduating, and now I'm oddly eager. I'm definitely still nervous about where I'll end up in 6 months, but it's more of an excited nervous rather than pure terror."

-- Taken from a page in my journal

It's strange to see my hand written words now typed for the internet's viewing, but I feel like it adequately captures what most people feel like senior year of college. It's by far the weirdest time in my life up until this point. It's the first time I haven't had a designated next step. The fact that I have so many options and paths in front of me is both exhilarating and daunting. It's almost like "which decision is the right one?!"

However, I've come to realize there isn't a right or wrong with the help of a very kind guest speaker. In an email to me, he wrote:

"Everyone has their own story to write and there is no right or wrong way to go. Just make a decision and then make another one! Don't worry about going backwards because time only moves in one direction. Forward."

Very thankful for all the supportive people in my life, and I hope Cam's words bring you the same sense of comfort they brought me.

With love,