An Afternoon At The New York Botanical Garden


I've always had a soft spot for the New York Botanical Garden. My earliest memory of it involves jumping off packed yellow school buses, and running toward the vine-covered entrance. School trips were the best. Most often they were to museums that seemed dull at the time, but every now and then we'd get to go to the New York Botanical Garden or the Bronx Zoo -- both fan favorites. At the ripe age of 8 years old, the highlights of the botanical garden were definitely the tram, children's garden, and gift shop.

I've been many more times since my elementary school days. My mom loves the botanical garden so she's always more than willing to go with me. However, I think it's been a good 3 or so years since my last visit. Obviously this needed to be rectified. Did I mention they also have a Chihuly exhibit going on right now? As if I needed anymore convincing.


To be quite honest, I haven't felt too much like myself the past few weeks. They say your first year out of college is the hardest, and I'm starting to think the almighty "they" might be right. I needed a day to relax, and being closer to nature sounded like the perfect way to do just that.

We got there in the afternoon in order to beat the evening rain forecast, and it was beautiful. It turns out there's a farmers market at the botanical garden on Wednesdays from 12pm-3pm, which we realized at precisely 2:57pm. As you can imagine, everything was being packed up by the time we walked over. I love a good farmers market though, so catch me back here on a Wednesday in the future.

As for the Chihuly pieces, they were scattered throughout the grounds. It was so interesting to see how they were curated. Sometimes the elaborate glass sculptures were a focal point, while other times they blended in perfectly with their plant counterparts. By far my favorite piece was an opaque milky pink "tree" surrounded by daisies in the conservatory.


Like my 8-year-old self would, we ended the day at the gift shop. I mean how can you not? They usually have such interesting stuff. Pro tip: if you're a member, you get 10% off your purchase.

While perusing the Chihuly inspired souvenirs, the evening forecast of rain I mentioned earlier came in STRONG, but is there any place better to get stuck when it's pouring? As NY weather will have it, the rain passed after 10 minutes. We walked back to the car with dry clothes, tired legs, and calmer minds.

What do you like to do to get out of a funk?

With love,