New Years Resolution 2016: Small Acts of Kindness

During the holiday madness I braved the mall quite a few times, as most people inevitably do. There are few things worse than trying to find a parking spot right before Christmas. Besides it being absurdly crowded, people can also be super aggressive; it's like the Christmas spirit goes out the window when people are driving, am I right? On this particular day, I drove into the mall's parking lot, got my little ticket, and was about to go on the hunt for a spot when I saw there was a parking attendant standing across from the ticket booth. He smiled and waved at me as I drove past even though I didn't know him (for non-New Yorkers this may not seem abnormal, but trust me it doesn’t happen often around here). It was something so small that he probably thought was insignificant, but it really brightened my day. To the point where once I found a spot (after about 15 minutes), I sat in my car and quickly jotted down this encounter.

Later that day I found myself still thinking about the attendant and how often times people are afraid of being interpreted as weird so they hold back from these small acts of kindness. I decided that this year my new years resolution would be to follow in his footsteps.

Wave at a stranger. Smile at someone. Say "thank you" more. Voice compliments more often. Hold the door for someone.

These simple and easy things may mean more to someone than you know. Thank you to the kind soul that day who inspired this post.

With love,