My Experience Moving Overseas


Seems I haven’t written a post in 2019 yet, and we’re already mid-March. My inconsistency has probably become the most consistent thing about my blogging schedule. Do you ever feel like you have nothing important to say? That’s where I find myself a lot of the time. It’s like when someone asks what you’ve been up to, and though your days are packed full, you respond with a “not much really!” (if you’d want me to have a chat with you all about imposter syndrome, let me know).

But I’ve given myself a kick in the butt. So though my life feels like a pretty standard routine of going to classes, working on assignments, having group meetings, and watching old seasons of Great British Bakeoff, I’m going to give you a proper update.

On what you might ask? Moving overseas. I’ve had a draft written up for months (specifically 4 months, yikes) on what the process is like. But for some reason I never felt like finishing it. I had written it in a Buzzfeed list style. Think 7 organised key takeaways. But quite honestly filling out that list seemed so damn boring. It felt like I was writing up an assignment rather than just talking to a friend. Yes, this might mean that you actually have to read rather than skim this post, but at least it feels more authentic to me (and probably to you too — when was the last time your friend updated you on his/her life via a list?).

So it’s now been approximately 7 months since I moved to the great ol city of London. It’s a weird mix of feeling like I’ve only just gotten settled and also feeling like my life in New York is an eternity in the past. I’d say realistically it took me 3 months to be able to catch my breath. I remember getting messages from friends and family asking for updates, and I barely had the energy to respond because there was so much to do: get a UK SIM card, open a UK bank account, wait to get all my bank details in the mail so I could then sign up for a phone plan, finalise and sign my lease, finish my pre-course work, unpack, oh and not be jet-lagged (just to name a few…).

Once all of the dust settled from the flurry of admin tasks, I was not-so-gently pushed off the cliff of business school. Let me tell you, we were not introduced to our masters course slowly. It was full steam ahead from day one. So then came the learning curve of adjusting to student life once again, and the slightly more daunting aspect of making new friends. Though I consider myself to be approachable and friendly, I think there’s always a bit of nerves when you have to reestablish your personal network and support system. That being said, I very fortunately found myself some incredible, intelligent, passionate, kind-hearted ladies. I imagine my transition would have been much more rocky had it not been for them.

And suddenly when I came up for air, it was three months later aka when I drafted this initial post. And then life got busy again with deadlines and my first round of UK exams, which as it turns out are very different from American exams. I don’t think I’ve ever studied more in my life. It was like that meme where your brain has a million tabs open. Though none of us thought we’d see the end of exams, the day did come and it was glorious. A few days later I was packing up my bags to go home for the holidays and let me tell you, I was emotional as hell.

I remember the days leading up to my move, I cried a lot because though I was excited, the reality of being away from all my friends and family was settling in. I remember my mom comforting me and saying that soon enough I’d be crying because I didn’t want to come home. We both laughed. And unsurprisingly, here I was, staring at my suitcase on the floor of my cosy bedroom in London, crying yet again. But it was weird sort of emotion that fueled my tears. I was sad about being away from London and the people here, I was looking forward to seeing everyone in New York, and most of all I was grateful to have two places that held my heart.

For the first time in my life, being in the house I grew up in felt like visiting my parents home because I had created a home of my own across the pond. It’s been a wild, wonderful journey so far and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

To end things off, I have a long month off between terms at the moment, which is both great and daunting for someone like me who likes to keep busy. So if there’s anything you’d like me to write about or share with you, let ya girl know.

With love,