Let's Do Something Incredible


I wrote this post a month or so back, but I think it's very fitting for this time of year. The photos I chose to go along with this post are some that I've taken in the past few years. To me, they represent different times of adventure in my life and here's hoping there'll be many more to come.

So here's some New Years inspiration:

Do you ever read an article on someone that you find absolutely spectacular? Someone that's so inspiring and makes you go "Wow, I would love to do that" or "I would love to make that kind of impact." I go to school with some incredibly talented people — people whose writing flows like no other, artists that make jaw-dropping work seem effortless, unreal athletes, etc (the list goes on forever). There are legitimately people who have gone to the Olympics (casual, right?).

I recently read an article about a girl from my school who wrote her own book and is in the process of getting it published. Like what? That's insane and wonderful (insanely wonderful?). A professional speaker also visited one of my classes and was talking about accomplishing your dreams. She asked us to picture our ideal future, even one that you think is unachievable. She then emphasized that you can achieve those exact futures if that's what you desire.

She said, "HOW, not if."

Why should any of us settle for anything less than our dreams? I may be young, but I know I want to do something incredible. It's just a matter of being confident in yourself, your abilities, and knowing that if you spend your time figuring out HOW instead of always relying on "if this" and "if that", you can do anything.

What impact are you going to leave on the world?

With love,