How To Wind Down & Relax


It's been a long day, or maybe just a stressful one. Take a deep breath. Kick off your shoes, head straight to your bedroom and pick out your most comfortable loungewear.

Become the epitome of sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on. Yup, that's right, wash your face and bask in the beauty of feeling clean. I'm always so uncomfortable when my skin feels dry or oily or just gross from wearing makeup all day.

Maybe throw in a face mask to pamper yourself.

You guessed it -- it's time for some tea. I'd say opt for decaf, but I can't say I always do. Point in case: I'm sipping on some (caffeinated) coffee as I write this. I should note it is 8:15pm. Regardless, warm drinks have a soothing quality to them, don't they?

Something on your mind? Something stopping you from fully feeling at ease? Transfer all of those thoughts onto paper, close your notebook, and leave them there.

Watch or read something. If you're mentally exhausted, preferably something that doesn't require too much concentration or brain power. I gravitate towards YouTube, or a tried and true rom-com (most recently I opted for Leap Year). I find when I need to unwind, getting lost in a wonderful storyline keeps my mind from thinking about other things.

Fuzzy blanket and furry friend optional. Both highly recommended (missing my pup right about now -- can he come to college with me?).

Feeling a bit lighter now? Yeah, me too.

With love,