Today was one of those New England days where it started out gray and rainy, the sun came out for approximately half an hour, and then went back to gray and dreary. Essentially, the perfect setting to put you in a meh mood. But as I walked down Comm Ave, my heart felt full. That type of full that you can physically feel. This might seem like a strange concept, but as I've mentioned a few times now, I tend to feel things very intensely so it's usually quite normal for me.

Once I recognized the feeling, I started to wonder what had triggered it. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened today. In fact, all I had done was go to class, pick up a package (of contact lenses), clean my room, and stop by the College of Communication. It dawned on me that I had been absent-mindedly thinking about things I was grateful for (2017 intention going well so far). It's incredible how much gratitude can impact your mood.

Here are some of them:

  1. Pavement coffee (always)

  2. Running into those people who genuinely "light up a room"

  3. Enthusiastic smilers on Comm Ave

  4. Having leftovers when you really don't feel like cooking

  5. Sunsets that cast a beautiful orange glow into my apartment's living room

  6. Surprise phone calls from friends

If you need a bit of guidance getting into this mindset, I highly recommend watching this short gratitude exercise video. For lack of better words, it's the shit. It's only 5 minutes and incredibly uplifting.

With love,