Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018


2017, what a year you've been. I think a lot of people are ready to wave 2017 goodbye and never look back. I can't say I disagree. Nonetheless, it's been a pretty monumental year for me so it would be foolish if I wasn't grateful despite some hiccups along the way. Here are some of my favorite memories from the past year (mostly in chronological order from Jan to Dec):

  1. Spending borderline 2 hours in the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History and fan-girling the entire time (ask me how many videos I took).

  2. All the ridiculous shenanigans and impromptu dance sessions/singalongs in the living room of apartment 903.

  3. Getting to visit my favorite city, London, twice this year. I can't help that I'm a Brit at heart, okay?

  4. Piggybacking off of the prior: Dancing the night away, sleeping for approx. 2 hours (honestly classifies as more of a nap), and then waking up at the actual crack of dawn for a sunrise breakfast over London.

  5. Laying in a sunny field listening to music after Viv and I surprised Arzu in New York. Simple and pure contentment.

  6. Graduating college?! (A favorite because obviously it's a huge milestone, but bittersweet because I no longer live mere feet away from all my best friends)

  7. Solo wandering San Pedro, settling on the beach with a book, and drinking fresh coconut juice with some locals.

  8. The feeling of relief after landing my first "big girl job."

  9. Tandem biking for the first time with Avia. Our struggle was equally as entertaining for the bike rental staff and standers-by in Central Park. Shoutout to everyone who let us run through red lights in the park because we couldn't stop (I'm still laughing about the experience as I write this).

  10. Crying a full stream of happy tears on my 22nd birthday because I have the most pure-hearted, thoughtful, and supportive friends to ever exist. Thank you for making me feel loved from every corner of the world (and willingly eating GF pizza).

2017, it's been real. 2018, bring it on.

With love,