Gluten Free In London

I have to say, I think London might be even more GF friendly than Boston (in my opinion).

Spoiler alert: I didn't think a gluten free afternoon tea could be this incredible.

If you want a quick bite...

LEON is your best friend for efficiency and affordability. Plus the food is seriously good. I recently had their "Sicilian chicken meatballs little hot box", and it was divine. I'm genuinely craving it now that I'm back in the states. Another bonus is that most of menu items are gluten free by nature. The website also has this really convenient feature where you can filter their menu by food preferences, one of which being "I don't eat gluten." Shoutout to you, LEON!


If you're looking for the brunch of your dreams...

Farm Girl is where you need to be. I was recently in London for 6 days, and I had breakfast here twice during the trip because it's that great. I've tried the buckwheat berry pancakes, açai bowl, and a lovely side of poached eggs. Because I've recommended this place to everyone and their mother, I've gathered a few "testimonials", if you will: one of my friends who is celiac absolutely fell in love with their pancakes, another friend raved about how fresh the eggs tasted, and of course, I was head over heels for everything.

Everything on the menu is labeled if it is GF (gluten free), DF (dairy free), or V (vegan). The servers and other employees are also consistently super friendly, which is always a huge plus in my book! Check out their instagram @farmgirlcafeand drool at all the photos


If you need a spot of afternoon tea...

Something I was sad to no longer be able to have is afternoon tea at Sketch. If you have the option and gluten isn't an issue, I highly highly highly recommend it. However, I was determined to find a gluten free afternoon tea in London that didn't necessarily taste gluten free (you know what I mean). After much research, I decided to give Fortnum and Mason a shot and boy am I glad I did! I genuinely cannot sing its praise enough. I was able to enjoy the entire traditional setup (think sandwiches, scones, desserts) sans gluten! I never imagined GF scones could be so wonderful. (GF featured on the left)


If you're craving a sweet treat...

I discovered Pearl & Groove on Instagram (@pearlandgroove) while I was abroad pre-GF days, but the entire bakery is actually gluten free (I like to think my subconscious knew what was coming). They have a selection of baked goods that are also refined sugar and dairy free! I tried a few cakes while abroad, and another this past trip and they've all been delicious. Plus, the shop itself is really lovely.

Note: as always, I can't speak to these places from a Celiac perspective

With love,