What's In My Carry-On: Spring Break In London


I tend to reach for similar things when packing for flights, but there's some variation in the specifics based on my changing preferences, time of year, destination, etc. This time around, I'll be in London for a week. I couldn't be more excited to spend my last spring break as an undergrad in my home away from home with some of my best friends.

I like to bring a carry-on suitcase with a change of clothes, and any valuables or things I don't want to lose (ex: jewelry, camera, chargers). This then gets stowed away safely in the overhead compartment, and I don't touch it until we land. Anything I actually intend to use during the flight wins a spot in my backpack, which is considered my "personal item" (I'm all about the hands free life at airports).

The backpack I'm using is my Fjallraven Kanken aka one of the most comfortable backpacks I've ever used. Seriously, it barely weighs anything and I don't get any back or shoulder pain even when I'm carrying heavy stuff. I digress. Inside I have...


Everything I truly NEED: my passport, wallet, boarding pass, and printed details of where I'm staying. Then there's the lesser essentials: my journal (plus pens), headphones, a scarf to be used as a scarf/blanket/pillow, and my glasses because there's nothing worse than falling asleep with contacts in.


In my baggie of TSA approved liquids you'll find cocoa butter Vaseline Lip Therapy (my fave), Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, and Origin's Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. The Origins mask is perfect for flights because it combats the super dry air, you don't need to rinse it off, and it's clear so you won't scare your neighbors. You'll also find basics like hand sanitizer, contact solution (plus extra contacts), toothpaste (plus toothbrush), face wipes, deodorant, some hand cream, and Advil (all in mini sizes of course, so they barely take up any room).


Last, but certainly not least, I have SNACKS! Especially now that I'm a gluten free gal, it's much easier for me to pack food than to track down GF options at the airport. Also, this way on the off chance my GF meal doesn't make it on the plane, I won't starve on my 6 hour flight. No one wants a hangry Esra, that's for sure. I'm bringing a few of my favorite granola bars, an apple, some carrots, a sandwich, and some sweet potato chips (don't worry, I did my research on what's allowed through security).

With love,