4 Fun Things To Do In London

So you've done the basics: introduced yourself to ol'Ben, mistaken Tower Bridge for London Bridge, realized you walked over London Bridge without knowing it, and pretended you're moving into Buckingham Palace with the OG girl boss, Queen Lizzie. Now what? These are a few things I got up to on my most recent trip to London. In no particular order...


Start your Sunday with a trip to the Columbia Road Flower Market

Flowers make me happy! I wish I bought some from the Columbia Road Flower Market, but I don't think they would have fared well in my little hotel room. I recommend going on the earlier end of the morning, because it tends to get crowded with Londoners (not as many tourists as you'd think) who are picking up bouquets, succulents, you name it. There are so many to choose from and they all smelled wonderful.


Let all your book shop dreams come true at Daunt Books

Yes, you might have just stepped into the cross between Hogwarts and a beautiful vintage shop. Out of all the bookstores and shops I've been in in my short life, Daunt Books in Marylebone is quite possibly my favorite. It's stunning. Another thing that sets this shop apart is the way the books are organized. They're arranged by country regardless of book type (fiction, nonfiction, guide, etc.), which creates an experience for travelers.

Be still, my beating heart.


Spend some time in Tate Modern

How I wasn't able to spend a proper amount of time at Tate Modern while I was abroad is beyond me. I think it was something I kept leaving for "later" because I knew it wasn't going anywhere, but then all of a sudden I'm waiting for my flight home and still haven't gone to Tate Modern! Outrageous. They had super interesting and beautiful free collections with the type of pieces that leave you wondering how people could possibly be so talented. And let's not forget the top floor with 360 degree views of the London skyline.


Check out Lights of Soho or God's Own Junkyard

HOW COOL, right?! Lights of Soho and God's Own Junkyard are hidden gems. God's Own Junkyard is filled (rather extensively I'm told) with iconic neon signs and artwork. We weren't able to go because we missed the days/hours of the week they're open so we stopped by Lights of Soho instead. It was described to me by a friend (who's been to both) as a smaller version of God's Own Junkyard. It's a neon and light art gallery with a bar, some lounge chairs, and tables upstairs. Apparently there's some sort of membership you can join there too -- not sure the details of that/what it entails though. I got a cappuccino, sat myself down in an armchair, and looked around in awe for a good two hours.

With love,