2017 Intentions


My biggest intention for 2017 is to live by the law of attraction. This isn't something I've newly discovered, and I think we've all heard "what you send out, comes back." But until recently, I was always like yeah yeah, stay positive, okay. I've read quite a few articles on the law of attraction lately, and they really got me thinking beyond the "stay positive" aspect of the concept. I do consider myself to be an optimist to a certain extent, but I am also guilty of overthinking, worrying, and subconsciously "sending out" anxious energy from time to time. This energy then manifests itself.

I'm not saying that I've had a shitty year by any means, but I recognize the potential to grow. Being aware of your thoughts and shaping them to attract abundance in whatever aspect of your life can only enhance your outlook, mental wellbeing, and reality.

"The world does not change, you change. Only you can allow the flow of opportunity into your life. Only you can remove the negative blocks in your mind that prevent you from getting what you want." - Susie Moore

If you'd like to read more about the law of attraction and everything it entails, Susie Moore's article does an incredible job of breaking it down in an understandable way. She goes through 6 steps to attract what you want, and those are exactly the steps I plan to consciously implement into my life this year. In a nutshell, those steps are to set goals, be thankful, have positive self-talk, focus on the good, visualize your dreams, and take action.

For me, the best way to make sure I take those steps is to write down my goals, what I'm thankful for, etc. Plus if there are negative things my mind is stuck on, I have an easier time letting them go when I transfer them onto paper. I definitely encourage you guys to do the same if it sounds like something you'd be into!

What are your intentions and resolutions for 2017?

With love,